Beehive Stallion Auction

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Stallion Farm Name Breed Fee
Agouti Delta Equine Center 2,000
A Regal Choice Texas Stud S.S. 2,500
Be Real Quick Sky Stone Ranch SOLD
Big Daddy Cartel MJ Farms SOLD
Bodacious Dash 6666 Ranch SOLD
Boknaai Boegner Farms 600
Bono Jazz AVS Equine Hospital SOLD
Brindis Por Cayenne Y O Ranch  
Brookstone Bay Midwest Equine/Hosp. SOLD
Cash Find Bundy Ranch 1,000
Captain Courage 6666 Ranch SOLD
Carrington Beach Heritage Ranch 1,200
Cartella Star Giles Arena SOLD
Chase This Leader Outback Stallion Station 750
Chicks Noblesse Romero Racing Stables 1000
Class Jump Intermountain Equine SOLD
Contend Texas Stud S.S. 1,500
CopaCorona Special Hebert Quarter Horses 1,500
Corona Fast Dash Vista Equine 1,500
Country Chicks Man Bob Moore Farms 3,000
Covert Double S Farm 1,000
Cryin Dynasty C/B Ranch 800
Dashing Hero APHA 4 P Performance Horses 500
Dashing Jess Perry South Fork Farms 1000
Dazzle Berry Bundy Ranch 500
Deferred Fortune South Fork Farms 1,250
Dejon Mountain States Equ. 2,500
Desirio JEH Repro Center SOLD
Doctor Racheal R & R Ranch 1,000
Dominyun Royal Vista Ranches SOLD
Downright Daring BDS Performance Horses 750
DT Firen For Bullion Circle 7 Land & Livestock 500
Fantastic Corona Jr. 6666 Ranch SOLD
Fast Prize Jordan Robicheaux Ranch SOLD
Favorite Cartel Burns Ranch SOLD
Feature Mr Bojangles Lazy E Ranch SOLD
Fighter On Fire Tate Farm 2,000
Fire and Corona Tate Farm 1,500
First Class Sign Mountain States Equ. 1,000
First Down Illusion Robicheaux Ranch 2,500
First Down Straw AVS Equine Hospital 1,000
First Prize Doc Hebert Quarter Horses 1,500
First Prize Stone R/M Stables SOLD
Fish RR Man Grant Weeks Farm 500
Fit To Fly Intermountain Equine SOLD
Flyin Color Boegner Farms 350
Flyingwitheagles Southwest Stallion Station 1,250
Forestry Steel TB Whitman Ranch 500
Four Six Jess Lone Star Farms 600
Furyofthewind Bob Moore Farms SOLD
Genuine Botticelli Hart Farms 1,000
Genuine Strawfly Buene Serte Equine SOLD
Giorgino Haddad Ranch 1,500
Gol James Ranch 2,000
Gonamakeyoureyesblue Buene Serte Equine SOLD
Hard Hitting Firth Ranch 1,500
Harems Last Dash AVS Equine Hospital 1,000
Hez Fast As Cash Hebert Quarter Horses 1,500
Howelling Corona Harris Paint SOLD
Im Alright Now Burnside Racing 750
Impecably Bred Hawks High Mesa Ranch 750
Ivory James Royal Vista Ranches SOLD
Jess Cartel Intermountain Equine SOLD
Jess Lips Lazy E Ranch SOLD
Jess Zoomin 6666 Ranch 2500
Jet Black Patriot Robicheaux Ranch SOLD
Jr Dynasty Mountain R/M Stables SOLD
Jumpn Chic Texas Stud S.S. 2500
Kas For Corona Intermountain Equine SOLD
Kripke TB S.V.L.A.C. (standing at) SOLD
Laico Ladiesman Figure 9 Quarter Horses 1,000
Louisiana Senator Lazy E Ranch SOLD
Lovin This Corona Intermountain Equine 800
Makin A Wonder MakinAWonderRacing  600
MaknMoves R/M Stables SOLD
Martis Speed Racer Midwest Equine/Hosp. 1000
Mighty Corona Tate Farm SOLD
Mighty Invictus James Ranch SOLD
Mr Joe Im Kool AVS Equine Hospital 1000

Onthewingsofglory Jumonville Farms 1000
One Handsom Man Robicheaux Ranch 2500
Osbaldo Sierra Blanca Equine 2000

Paintyourownwagon AVS Equine Hospital 1000

PC Lockemup Perks X Diamond Ranch 750
Perks Rockn Roller X Diamond Ranch 750
Perrywithrythum Red Fox Ranch 600
Pool Hebert Quarter Horses 2000
Primetime Dream Double S Farm SOLD
Profit Increase Prairie Breeze QH LLC SOLD
Quick To Flare Up Hebert Quarter Horses 1200

Ragazzo Haddad Ranch 2000
Red Oak Special Granada Farms 750
Red Storm Cat James Ranch 2500

Roll N Thunder Hebert Quarter Horses 1000
Royal Shake Em Louisiana Repro Center SOLD
Shake Em White Hebert Quarter Horses 1200
Simply Macho Double S Farm 1000
Sir Runaway Dash Tate Farm 2500
Sir Seth Lone Star Farms         1000
Sizzlin Cartel Jumonville Farms 2000
Smoked Em TB Caldwell Farms 500
Spittin Fire  Bundy Ranch 750
SS Showboat Young Ranch 800
Storm Passage TB Hebert Quarter Horses TBA
Streak and Dash Steele Farms 850
Streakin Four Sixes 3 E Ranch 1200
Streakin Six Cartel AVS Equine Hospital 1000
Strong Hope AVS Equine Hospital 1000
Struttin To Beduino Tate Farm 1000
Such Easy Cash Bubel Quarter Horses 1000
Swingin Jess Robicheaux Ranch SOLD
Taylors Toastin Papa Hebert Quarter Horses 1200
Tempt The Tiger TB DDK Sun Stables 700
Terribly Wicked Lone Star Farms SOLD
Texas Icon  Fales Ranch 1500
The Crawfish Texas Stud S.S. 1000
The Goodbye Lane Intermountain Equine SOLD
The Louisiana Cartel Haddad Ranch SOLD
THR Buggin Da Famous Jaure Performance Horses 750
Too Tough To Catch Tate Farm 1200
Tres Kings Red Horse Ranch 1000
Triple Vodka Hebert Quarter Horses 2000

TwofortheDough S.V.L.A.C. SOLD
VF Burrs Eye Grazing Bit Horses 500
View Me Flying Granada Farms 500
We Have A Secret South Fork Farms 1500
WhathaveIgottado Robicheaux Ranch 1500
Winners Version S.V.L.A.C. SOLD
Zoomin For Bux Tate Farm 2000